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Dr. Christian Seberino

Christian Seberino is a Christian homeschooler with two kids. He has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, San Diego. He's worked in government, industry and academia. He's done much teaching in his career and in his church. You can see a resume here. You can access a background check by following the instructions here. You can read his testimony here. You can also see some testimonials here. You can see his teaching philosophy here. You can see several of his teaching videos here. You can also see his random notes blog here.

Benefits Of Online Classes

Safety - Students can work from home. Students' class experiences and the teacher can be more easily monitored than at a remote location.

Flexibility - Students can attend classes while on travel.

Convenience - Parents can avoid traffic jams and long commutes both ways to each and every class.

Savings - Save time and money by doing less driving, using less gas and avoiding parking fees.

Flu Proof - Eliminate students bringing home germs from school.

Benefits Of Philfour Online Classes

Interactive - Students can have access to live online personalized help if desired.

Affordable - Prices are affordable. Pay for as much or as little help as desired.

What Philfour Classes Are Not

Special Needs Classes - Philfour private tutoring is recommended for students with special needs.

Parental Replacement - Parents are vital in assisting with any accountability and discipline issues.

Elementary School - Philfour classes are for middle and high school students.

Private School - Philfour classes provides testing and grades but no other administrative services.